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What I Charge

Posted: November 11, 2017 in Pricing

So here’s what I find works for me right now:

General in studio or live hourly rate (inclusive of these services: producing, arranging, tracking, mixing, mastering): 50.00 hr. (2 hour minimum, includes setup time)

Single song deal: 400.00 per song. Includes tracking, mixing, mastering, and any producing or arranging.

Cd deal: 3500.00 for an up-to-11 song CD. Includes tracking (in studio or live), mixing, mastering, and any producing or arranging. 

EP deal: 1800.00 for an up-to-6 song EP. Includes tracking (in studio or live), mixing, mastering and any producing or arranging.

Singer/songwriter deal: 75.00 per song for a single instrument and one vocal simultaneous recording. Includes mixing and mastering.

Mastering only: 100.00 per song

Daily Rate: 450.00 flat fee for a 1 to 10 hour day, inclusive of studio setup, tear-down, cleanup, and to bounce and send stems (so on average between 5-6 hours of tracking max. per day, depending on the setup, number of instruments, etc.). If you want the stems comped and cleaned before they’re bounced and sent for mixing (removing noise, stripping silence between parts,  fades, etc., you’ll need to factor that in as well at 55.00 per hour. This could be as much as 1-2 hours per song depending on number of tracks (especially with drums).

I expect 1/2 on the front end, and the other half when the project is done.

I don’t rent or loan my studio space or equipment. In other words, my labor (mic setups, tracking, mixing, etc.) are always part of the deal.

For a good video on song and album costs from the great folks on the SonicScoop podcast, go to the following link and begin at about 9:00 minutes in:

For my rationale.

I hope this promotes clarity. Now – back to work!