Welcome to JonyMac Studio (pronounced “Johnny Mac”), a blog for project studio enthusiasts who have professional experience and work hard to achieve professional quality recordings at home. I’ve been recording semi-professionally for over 30 years. I recently (2021) moved my home studio from Nashville to Louisville to be near family. I have four reasons for posting this blog.

First, in the section entitled Recent Projects, to (gently) advertise my project studio. I try to track 5-6 projects annually, and would be glad to discuss whether what I do is appropriate for your project. I also do mixing and occasional mastering work. From time to time, therefore, I’ll post links to music recorded in the studio so that you can get an idea of what I can do. You can contact me at john.s.mcclure@gmail.com if you want to discuss recording in the studio.

Second, in the section entitled Philosophy, to share my philosophy of recording in a home studio environment.

Third, in the section entitled Tricks of the Trade, to share ideas that I have about improving both the workflow and quality of project studio recordings.

Fourth, in the section entitled Gear, to discuss gear I have used or found useful in studio production.

  1. Ravensworth Studios says:

    Thanks for your comment on our blog…and, blown away by all that you have going on! Would really be interested in talking further about some collaborative opportunities. By the way…no chance to post a new blog in over three months. It was a good kharma moment when logging on to WordPress to type up a few thoughts, and saw that you had recently liked a posts. I’m working on an update right now, so stay tuned for some info. You can also call the studio at 434.286.7200 or send a message through facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RavensworthStudio

  2. Joyce Ochs says:

    I just accidentally landed on this website and enjoyed recalling this fun memory of creating the Mel Bay First Lessons Dulcimer Book recordings! Thanks for the memories!

    • John McClure says:

      Great to hear from you Joyce! That was fun.

      • Robert Scott Adcock says:

        I just purchased the First Lessons Dulcimer DAD Tuning on my Kindle and saw on the first page where Jonymac Studio in Louisville, Kentucky was mentioned. I came to this site to read about the studio and notice you are in Nashville. Were you ever in Louisville at any point? Just wondering because I live in Louisville now.

      • John McClure says:

        Left Louisville about 16 years ago, but have lots of family there so I’m up a lot. Great city! Enjoy!

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