What I Charge

Posted: November 11, 2017 in Pricing

So here’s what I find works for me right now:

Songs: 500.00 per song. Includes tracking, mixing, mastering.

Cds: 4800.00 for an up-to-11 song CD. Includes tracking, mixing, mastering. 

EPs: 2500.00 for an up-to-6 song EP. Includes tracking, mixing, mastering. 

Mastering only: 150.00 per song
Dirt cheap. Enough money for me to keep my equipment up and state of the art, and maybe a dinner out with the missus. I expect 1/2 on the front end, and the other half when the project is done.

For a good video on song and album costs from the great folks on the SonicScoop podcast, go to the following link and begin at about 9:00 minutes in: https://youtu.be/mB9_ilSut5k

For my rationale.

I hope this promotes clarity. Now – back to work!

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