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Tony Winters, a prominent artist, and Helen Mitsios, a well-known poet and publisher of international poetry, live in New York City. They co-wrote a song entitled Fool for Love, using a country music idiom to express the emotions accompanying a tragic relationship. Tony put down the rhythm and lead electric guitar tracks, I added a low electric guitar track and organ, and Andy Hull added drums (from Nashville). My daughter, Leslie Rodriguez dropped by the studio and recorded the vocals. I added a bass track. We had a great couple of days in the studio tracking and mixing. Here’s a link to the song, Fool For Love.

Tony enjoyed the process so much that he decided to write another song. He returned to the studio a couple of weeks ago on his own with a new song entitled Dragons and Swords. This song has a fantasy feel, in the vein of the Moody Blues, and he wanted some Mellotron in a couple of places on the song, so I obliged him with that. Not my usual cup of tea, but it was fun to invent that element for this song. I also added bass. Andy Hull again played drums. Tony played all the other instruments: rhythm guitar, Tacoma “A guitar” (a small guitar that tunes to an A, and sounds a little like a lute). He also played the very original, signature electric guitar hooks throughout the song. Tony also sang this one, and really did a great job. Take a listen here to Dragons and Swords.