Several years ago, when I was still living and recording music in Louisville, KY, I was contacted by a wonderful woman named Joyce Ochs about recording a CD to accompany a basic lesson book for the mountain dulcimer.

Joyce Ochs and her Dulcimers

The book was to be a part of the well-known and respected Mel Bay lesson series.

Mel Bay First Lessons: Dulcimer

She gave me a draft of the book, which indicated all of the places where we would need to record her voice and a music sample. She also asked me to accompany her on the guitar. I set her up in the studio, and, after trying a couple of microphones out, discovered that my Rode NT-2 gave just the right body and high end bite that was needed, in order for students to hear the notes and chords well. We used the Neumann TLM-103 for her spoken parts, and the AT4041s for my acoustic guitar.

As you can see from this screenshot of the index, we recorded a LOT of music! And she was kind enough to thank me in her acknowledgments.

Index of Joyce’s Dulcimer Book

We had a wonderful day in the studio, as Joyce demonstrated her outstanding talent for organizing lessons, articulating clearly her instructions, and performing beautifully what she was after. The result is a first rate set of lessons on the mountain dulcimer by the “first lady” of dulcimer music herself. Check it out!

  1. Mark P. Hill says:

    Nice work for a great name in music lesson publishing!

  2. A fellow blogger here, found your site via Pligg, and
    I have a piece of advice: write more. Honestly, you seem
    like you’re tailoring the full post around the video clip. You definitely understand what you’re talking about, so why blow your brains just posting videos to your website when you could
    be providing us with something insightful to read?

  3. Thomasina Levy says:

    Hello Joyce. One of my students has your dulcimer book. It shows in the lessons that there is a recording of the lessons, but no CD came with the book. IS the recording of the music to the book’s lessons online?

    • John McClure says:

      I recorded the CD for that Mel Bay book years ago, but don’t know how to reach Joyce any longer. You might try contacting Mel Bay directly about obtaining the CD for the book. Thanks. JM

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